Clinics are One Off introductory sessions designed to teach members more about how to get the best workout and results from the different sorts of equipment we provide.  

Clinics are bookable, and held as small groups 6 to 8 people.  

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Kettlebell Training

If you're looking to build strong, toned muscles and vastly improve your heart-lung efficiency, our Kettlebell Training sessions are perfect. The kettlebell is designed to deliver one of the very best all-in-one workouts, uniquely strengthening both your cardio-vascular system and your physical power. With Kettlebell Training, you can mould a firmly toned and lean body, emphasising strength building and not muscle bulk. Amazingly adaptable and simple to use, kettlebells are particularly good for your lower back, and make a great companion to cardio exercises. While helping you to lose weight, Kettlebell Training works on every muscle you routinely use. Daily tasks become easier, your posture's improved and the fluid, low-impact movements often used in kettlebell workouts mean far less strain on your joints. Which means your every activity, from your day-job to other types of exercise, feels totally natural. 


Free Weights For Women

Weight training is not just for posers and musclemen. Careful adaptation of weight training disciplines has seen exercising with free weights – which means freestanding dumbbells, barbells and other familiar bits of kit rather than complex machines – become an invaluable and enjoyable part of every woman's fitness regime. It's a great way to tone your torso like never before. Under the watchful eye of our friendly professional health advisors you'll build muscles that are honed and lean, but never over-developed. Apart from looking fantastic, you'll find that your newly slim and toned muscles bring their own health benefits. Lowered cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and stabilised blood sugars means a dramatic increase in your energy. In other words, you'll soon be feeling as marvellous as you look! 

Stretch Clinic

Stretching workouts are a vital part of a comprehensive fitness routine. Those athletes and cyclists you've seen stretching before and after a race do it for a very good reason: to improve flexibility, reduce uncomfortably tight muscles, ligaments and tendons and, at the end of the day, enable them to win. For you, stretching means your workouts become safer and more efficient. Stretching delivers major benefits for your normal daily routine, too. During an ordinary day, no matter what you're doing, muscles can tighten and put a strain on your joints, leading to tiredness and even injury. Properly done, stretching helps you avoid this. At our Stretching Clinic, our friendly advisors will tailor and oversee a stretching routine that's perfect for your lifestyle and wellbeing. You'll feel more alive than ever!

Abs Clinic

A strong core doesn't just benefit your abs, it can help improve your all-round strength in other exercises you partake in. Not only that but your posture and breathing will also improve by undertaking a well structured abs workout.

Functional Training

Functional training allows you to focus your fitness according to your occupation and daily activities. Whatever your trade, profession or sporting preference, taking part in our Functional Training programme will enable you to address your normal routine with greater ease and with less stress and risk of injury. With Functional Training, our expert professionals will show you how to train your muscles harmoniously. By simulating the ordinary movements you might do at work, at home or while playing sport, we'll help you to perform daily tasks better and quicker. From shopping to surfing, surgery to secretarial, everything's made that much easier. Functional Training is also a great way to lose weight. With your body now able to move with greater comfort, you're more likely to burn away the calories without even realising it. And with Functional Training, you'll find your other exercise routines more fun and effective than ever. 

High Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is any workout that toggles between a burst of intense activity and a short period of recovery, where you briefly relax and rest, allowing your body to get ready for the next blitz. By alternating between a soaring and a resting heartrate, then repeating the regime several times over, your system learns to recover faster. For example, imagine 1 minute of very fast running followed by 2 minutes of walking – then doing it again and again for, say 15 minutes. Believe it or not, with a workout routine even that simple, you're burning fat. And it's a system that readily adapts to other types of exercise. Our High Intensity Interval Training sessions focus on quality weight-training repetitions. With our eagle-eyed professionals looking after you and ensuring absolute safety, you work your muscles as hard as you can, then relax, then repeat the exercise. You'll build a healthier heart, burn off fat and empower your metabolism – all through one of the simplest types of exercise imaginable. 

TRX Training

Devised and perfected by US Navy SEALs, Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) is a revolutionary type of suspension training to develop strength, balance and flexibility through body weight exercises. Quick, effective and great fun, chaparoned use of the TRX Suspension Trainer will help you build muscle, burn away fat, increase flexibility and boost your endurance levels. TRX is designed to benefit everyone – and you're in total control of how much you put into it. Regardless of how fit or unfit you are, you can increase or lower resistance simply by adjusting your body position on the TRX trainer. And because you're effectively – and safely! – suspended just above the floor, TRX Training is incredibly low-impact. You can even exercise with less risk of troubling an existing injury. 


Free Weights for Men

It’s not essential to use free weights in your training to bulk up and burn fat, but if you use them in the right way, it’s fair to say dumbbells, kettlebells and the barbell can make building muscle easier.

However, it does have to be in the right way. It’s easy to overestimate your abilities when selecting the weight for your workouts – and it’s always better to get the form right with a lighter weight, or even no weight at all, than get pulled out of shape straining to lift a weight you’re not ready for.

Book yourself onto our Free Weights for Men exercise clinic and we'll show you how to lift safely and effectively to get the best results. One of our instructors can then help to put together a training programme based on your new found knowledge!

Cardio Circuits

The cardio workout is about monitoring your heart-rate while exercising at different intensities. That's the science. More beneficially for you, our Cardio Circuits are designed to help you lose weight, burn off those unwanted calories, have fun and feel better than ever. Based on tried'n'trusted aerobics exercises, from star jumps and squats to tap backs and burpees, taking our cardio workout will increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart to ensure it needn't work so hard to pump blood to your muscles. In the long term, you'll be less likely to suffer a heart attack. With your cholesterol and blood pressure levels also brought right down, your risks of developing diabetes and certain types of cancer are substantially lower.

Pre & Post Natal Consultation

If you're an expectant mum or have recently brought a child into the world and you're unsure about if and how to can still exercise, then this is a perfect way to answer any concerns you may have.

With the help of our resident Pre & Post Natal Training Specialist, you'll be advised on what kind of exercises can help with the normal issues during pregnancy and how doing them can aid your overall wellness. You'll also be presented with many benefits to your mental health, whether it's before or after your pregnancy.

Register your interest for our Pre & Post Natal Consultation today and keep your mind & body healthy. It'll be the best thing for both mother and baby.